Rise and Fall of Stocks

For my blog post, I decided I want to research the rise and fall of stocks in the American market. This is an area of interest to me because I took a class in high school where we put together stock portfolios and watched how each stock’s value would rise and fall daily. I started to realize how hard it is to predict how stocks will trend on a daily, weekly basis and I wanted to learn more. So I searched on Google, “rise and fall of the stock market” and came across an article called “How Stock Market Trends Work” by John Barrymore. He goes through several factors that affect the changes in stock market trends, different markets that exist, and smart ways to invest your money. It seems complicated, but I think it’s a skill that if mastered could be very beneficial to an investor. Specifically, I think the genre my post falls under is stock market analysis. As I do more research, I’ll narrow down my search into less of a broad question.


2 thoughts on “Rise and Fall of Stocks”

  1. When researching my topic via Proquest, etc., the types of texts I’ve come across include articles online, blogs discussing stocks, and books / magazines. Usually, authors with expertise in the stock market create these texts and investors or people interested in stocks read them.
    Specific language practiced in this community includes inflation, interest rates, earnings, energy prices, oil prices, international issues, bull markets, bear markets, short sell, invest, defensive stocks, etc. Words like earnings, energy / oil prices, international issues most people understand outside of the stock community. But, more specific words like bull and bear markets may only be understood by those who practice in this community everyday.
    When thinking about a potential interviewee, I imagine interviewing a professor at Syracuse, some other expert, or my friend at another school who is interested in the stock market.


  2. After doing more research, I came across an online article called “Stock Market” which gave history behind how the stock market was created and the ups and downs its had since then. I decided to use this article because from reading it, it’s easy to tell the author knows that they’re talking about. Some of the information was difficult to understand considering I’m not an expert, but it’s useful.
    The article discusses how the stock market started, developed, etc. “Brokers were concentrated where wealth was concentrated—in the port cities of New York, Boston, and the nation’s temporary capital, Philadelphia” (Pitluck, A. http://search.credoreference.com/content/entry/abcamerecon/stock_market/0). Pitluck explains in this quote that the early American stock markets were based in areas of wealth such as the cities he listed. He also says, “Another stock market bubble was created when the United States entered the fiscally and militarily disastrous War of 1812. Government debt rose from $45 million in 1811 to $127 million just four years later” (Pitluck). I found this quote to be important because in another article I read it stated that war can be a huge catalyst on how the market develops. In this case, government debt from war took a toll on the market in a negative fashion. This article was interesting, but I think figuring out how the market works today and what I can do to learn more is my priority.

    I also read an article with terms that help understand the market better. The link for the article is:


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