In Conclusion

Prior to the Unit 2 Assignment, I did not know nearly as much about my genre as I do now. After completing my research and interviewing an expert, it is clear to me that there is a discourse community in the stock market analysis / knowledge genre. Most Americans are busy with other parts of their lives, so not many people become financially literate. Even after this assignment, I still don’t know nearly as much as I could about stocks and the economy. This was definitely a good starting point though to learn more in the future. The fact that there are millions of financially illiterate citizens means that those who are experts in this genre have a high chance of doing well.

I think the most memorable thing I could have learned from this assignment is to stick with the market even through its tough times. If I complete a stock portfolio and it starts to dwindle for a while, I need to stay patient and let the economy bounce back like it always does.

fredgraph(1) (

This graphic shows the yearly up and downs of the American economy. It is obvious that there was a major crash in 2008. Donald Dutkowsky explained to me that so many people backed out of the market during this time and lost a lot of money. The people who stuck through the tough times were eventually rewarded, as the economy bounced back after a rough 2008. I acquired a lot of valuable information through this assignment that will not only help me now, but also in making decisions when I am older.

cash symbol(


Classic song from Wu Tang Clan. I think the song title (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) goes well with my Unit 2 research.


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